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Numbers are overrated. Numbers are necessary.

Although my core lies in numbers and KPI's. I don't believe in a strict mathematical approach. Why? Because that is not how people - eg. your clients, employees,...) tend to resonate. For most, that is not how I work and think at Numberless.

In every business or life act, for that matter, there will always be a balance to be made between a monetary and emotional value. Think about it.You want to buy a new bike. You don't want to pay too much but you also want to have a great service and especially the guidance you need (if you still need it).

The same process happens when a business makes decisions. For most it doesn't happen from a client or employee perspective but from a pure rational, profit perspective. Which, most of the time, does not help your company in the long run.


A rational versus an emotional battle.

​It is on that line within marketing I like to act, make decisions and a difference. If I can help you with that, get in touch.

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